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The board that raises the bar again at Nitro! The Highlander is the lightest, most high-end board in their collection. The Antiphase is a new feature of this board. Developed to damp vibrations in the board and increase control. This board is designed for the experienced snowboarder who has high demands when it comes to weight and speed. Some people want a Porsche, this is a Bugatti!



TRÜE CAMBER is good old standard camber, which provides the stability and pop many shreds can´t live without. The amount of snap and support you get from a cambered board is unrivaled by any other camber design. Camber is Camber, there is no point in over complicating it!


  • All Terrain Flex 

Nitro's most versatile flex pattern, combining Nitro’s signature pop with smooth response, allowing you to tear up the entire mountain.




  • Koroyd Core 

The latest in core technology, utilizing co-extruded miniature tubes, vertically aligned and welded, with unique energy absorption properties, Koroyd is approximately 70% lighter than standard balsa wood, with no loss in strength or flex


  • Diamond Laminates: Ultralight and Powerful

Well-balanced layers of carbon fiber establish a new level in performance. More snap and liveliness provide a smooth, powerful and effortless ride.




  • Sintered Speed Formula II Base: Fastest and Durable 

Rocket science put to work! A nanotech wax formula deeply infused into a sintered base material makes the base surface lightening fast in all snow conditions. Highly tuned yet extremely durable, SPEED FORMULA II Base technology is exclusively featured on Nitro high-end boards.




  • Progressive Sidecut

A larger radius in the front, blended into a tighter one towards the tail: The progressive sidecut makes accelerating out of turns a breeze, while maintaining a catch-free nose area.


  • Power Pods

Overlaying a tighter sidecut radius in the center of the board with a larger one towards tip and tail is creating exclusive POWERPODS which have two amazing effects: On one hand, there is extended board width under the bindings, resulting in additional edge control, especially on hard and icy surfaces as well as simply less toe and heel drag for larger boots and flatter stance angles. On the other hand, Nitro's POWERPODS make the board super reactive and fast turning once it’s put on edge – while keeping it easy to control if ridden with less dynamics.


Nitro Highlander 18/19 Sizechart
Nose/Tail Width298 / 297304 / 303
Waist Width255260
Sidecut8.1 / 6.6 / 4.8 / 78.2 / 6.8 / 5 / 7.1
Sidecut TypeProgressiveProgressive
Stance Range (cm)52 - 6452 - 64
Stance Range (in)20.5 - 25.220.5 - 25.2
Snowboarder weight (kg)60+70+
Snowboarder weight (lbs)130+155+
Running Length11201150

Nitro Highlander

1 149,00 CHF Standardpreis
1 034,10 CHFSale-Preis
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