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The Mod7 Blackout / Prizm™ Snow Torch Iridium® ski helmet from Oakley is the first ski helmet with an integrated visor from the brand.

Suitable for anyone looking for a more technical experience, this helmet provides a seamless wearing experience between the helmet and visor and offers an all-in-one package for any mountain adventure!

Its new hybrid shell, a combination of Duramatter for a hard and durable shell and polycarbonate for the light side strategically applied to certain areas of the helmet, gives it its balanced design while keeping maximum protection for your head.
The Skull Matrix technology allows the Mod7 to surround the wearers head in all directions, providing a secure and comfortable fit. 

Its BOA®, adjustment system , which allows you to adapt your helmet precisely, and its Fidlock® buckle with magnetic function, for attaching it without your gloves, offer full head protection with maximum comfort.
The Secure-Connect allows the glasses and helmet to be combined into a single unit for a complete experience.
The breathable PolarTec® lining keeps your head warm, whilst also remaining breathable for when the weather gets warmer.

Its Snow Torch Iridium®  lens is ideal for sunny to cloudy days where light goes from bright to low. Featuring a Prizm™ lens developed by the brand, the colours are precisely adjusted to optimise contrasts and improve visibility. This Iridium® lens improves visibility and contrast and offers more detail, better contours and clearer vision for fast reactions and confident gliding! 

Finally, the Lens technology brings many features such as an integrated button on the side of the helmet that allows you to stick the visor as close to your face as possible for a personalized and comfortable experience. Two others, located on each side of the visor, allow you to raise it on the helmet while the Lens Landing Zone allows you to intuitively store the visor as if it were traditional goggles thanks to the Secure-Connect technology

Oakley Mod 7

529,00 CHFPrix
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