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The new and refreshed version of the MX89 from the past few years, the 2020-2021 Kastle MX88 wants to push limits. Your limits, sure, but also the limits of physics. Now built with a splash of early rise in the tips, the MX88 links carves easier and smoother than ever, flying into and out of turns with the killer instinct, speed, and precision of a falcon. Paradoxically, it defies gravity by making you feel weightless while also maximizing the power of Earthly pull to flat-out haul. Multiple factors make this possible. For one, the new MX88 is 300 grams lighter than its predecessor. That means light-speed agility edge to edge and less force on your quads. Then there is the full camber curvature behind those early rise tips. When you bend the ski, you get maximum edge hold and stability. More camber also means more rebound, and if you like carving skis, you probably like rebound. These days, most ski brands offer an "all-mountain" model at or around 88mm underfoot. Few if any of those other skis, though, give you the same ride as the MX88. That is what happens when you blend premium ski materials with Austrian raceroom heritage and modern design flourishes like early rise and vibration-dampening carbon Hollowtech tips. These accents are what make the MX88 special. Because while we talk a lot about how fast the skis are, you actually do not have to risk your life breaking speed limits. Technically savvy advanced and expert skiers who know how to carve a ski tend to like the MX just as much as speed demons do. So wherever you fall on the speed spectrum, we recommend, rather than thinking too hard about the space-time continuum, that you go ahead and bend it. Similar skis: Stockli Stormrider 88, Blizzard Brahma 88.

Kastle MX88 Inkl. K12

CHF1,299.00 Regular Price
CHF1,169.00Sale Price
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