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Behind our boot fitting philosophy lays a lot of finesse.

Our passion and longstanding experiences allows us to analyse the foot and take all your needs in account, to find the perfect ski boot just for you. We carry a wide range of brands and type of boots for every foot. 

Once the best fit for your foot has been found we have the option of using custom-made or prefabricated footbeds and liners. With the footbed we guarantee an even better fit and increased performance. 

With the correct footbeds we will fit both the shell and liner to your foot. 


If your have pain or your boots are uncomfortable we have various options to modify your boots and customise them to your feet.

Through an analyse of your foot and boots we find out where the discomfort is coming from.

We help with :

-Optimising the footbed.

-Thermal adjustment of the inner shoes

-Craft adjustments to the shell, grinding and/or stretching


-Adjust or repair/replace buckles and straps and sole units


We believe that great boots is a must, to enjoy skiing to the fullest and have happy feet all day every day.

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