The Aurora by Slash is snowboard design in the highest measure. This all-mountain freestyle machine has all you ever dreamt of – and much more. Every technical finesse is built in and thus creates a unique riding feeling.

Riding style
This board is perfect for experienced riders looking for a responsive all-terrain/freestyle deck for high-speed turns on the slopes and in the backcountry. This snowboard gives you the confidence and performance for expert level riding in every terrain.

This directional twin will provide you with some extra float in the deep fluffy stuff while still providing excellent switch riding capabilities. Due to the setback of the bindings towards the tail, the nose gets a little bit longer, while the shape of the nose and tail is still symmetric. The subtle traction bump in the middle of the sidecut provides extra grip on firm snow.

Dual Camber features two subtle camber zones under-foot with a pivot point between the feet. The camber zones make it precise by preserving the traditional camber contact points, but the pivot point makes it easier to turn

The stiff flex provides stability at high speeds and insane amounts of control while offering you a very responsive and precise feeling with loads of pop.


The Lightweight Woodcore is crafted with light density paulownia and bamboo stringers for superior strength and minimal heft then strengthened with ash along with the inserts for power transfer and along the sidewalls for better on-edge stability. This is the lightest, most complex core Slash creates. Knockout is the custom method of core milling that’s highly visible on the Aurora. Using a CNC machine Slash precisely carves out material between the bindings. This makes the core lighter and the sidewall thinner to pro-mote independent flex. The board has a more intimate feel and gives you better edge control. Carbon weighs less than traditional fibreglass and it has a higher load capacity and stronger tensile strength that’s less susceptible to delamination, too. All of this translates into a snowboard that’s lighter, snappier and more powerful than anything else on the market. The mix of biax and triax glassing provides superior pop, consistent torsional flex, and more overall response, making it more forgiving and highly versatile for all terrain types at the same time. The Redline Sidecut is a multi-radii directional sidecut is deeper at the tail end for explosive turns. Combined with the Aurora’s dual camber and flex design it allows the rider to accelerate swiftly when pointed forward with weight on the front foot. At the same time, it allows the back foot to maintain control and steering. The NHS Graphite Race Base is a high-performance ultra high molecular sintered race base with the addition of graphite. Premium base material with the best gliding characteristics and optimal durability.

Slash By GiGi Aurora 2019/2020

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