Travis Rice is constantly searching for higher performance in both his riding and his equipment. The Climax is the spawn of the world’s best rider converging with the world’s best board builders’ 30 plus years of board design. A glorious design moment where the best materials, precision, lightweight and power join forces to create the pure performance.

Riding Style
This board is designed for advanced riders who like to charge big lines and won’t shy away from a massive air that comes up on their path while demanding the highest quality possible in material, processing, and performance.

This directional twin provides you with some extra float in the powder and excellent switch riding capabilities. Due to the setback of the bindings towards the tail, the nose gets a little bit longer. However, the nose and the tail are equally wide, so landing switch is no problem. The Magne-Traction serrated edges give great edge hold all over the mountain, especially on hard pack and ice.

C2x means short rocker between the bindings combined with large cambers under the bindings. This combination offers good edge hold thanks to the camber underfoot, as well as great float in powder and unlimited freestyle action without hang-ups thanks to the rocker.

The medium-stiff flex provides stability at high speeds and insane amounts of control while offering you the power and flexibility you need to stomp the biggest cliffs.

The Climax construction is LIB Tech's high-end design and features a lightweight, thin tip and tail profile, combined with ultra-tough carbon wrapped in carbon stiffening. The core is made of Aspen and Paulownia wood, combined with balsa for reduced weight and vibration. For the reinforcement, Lib Tech uses a combination of fibreglass, carbon and magnesium fibres in the Climax construction. Magnesium fibres are twice as strong as traditional fibreglass and offer maximum strength at minimum weight. The sintered Baseis very fast but requires careful maintenance.

Libtech T.Rice Climax

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