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Hä? Neck tube meets the requirements of the recommendations of the Swiss National COVID-19 Science Task Force. 
THE TEST RESULTS OF THE NECK TUBE WITH INTEGRATED FILTER FROM HÄ? IN BRIEF Our test results including the given recommendations of the Swiss National COVID-19 Science Task Force are as follows: Particle retention capacity: Requirement: ≥70%, result> 95% Resistance to liquid splashes: requirement: strong, result = strong Breathing resistance: requirement <60, result = 25.6 Pa / cm² 
THE COVID-19 NECK TUBE WITH SQTS LABEL FOR COMMUNITY MASKS The neck tube COVID-19 with integrated filter was tested by the SQTS in Switzerland and corresponds to the recommendations of the "Swiss National COVID-19 Science Task Force" for community masks. Normal neckwarmers, face masks, buffs, scarves and hoses without a tested filter do not meet the requirements for resistance to liquid splashes, particle retention and breathing resistance. The neck warmer is made of polyester, the integrated filter is made of SSMMS fleece (polypropylene). These synthetic textile fibers are extremely breathable and water-repellent, which is why they are more suitable for active winter sports enthusiasts (snowboarding, skiing, hiking, cross-country skiing, etc.) than textile masks made of natural fibers. The mask is reusable and washable at 60 ° C. The filter is integrated and no additional filter material has to be procured

Hä? Covid 19 Neckwarmer DarkStorm

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