Ski Atomic Redster S9 REVO Red/Silver

It’s the giant high-end ski ideal for expert piste skiers who want to exploit the exclusive technology from the World Cup: its completely revised upper part gives the Redster all its character. The result: even easier sharp turns and no loss of grip or performance.

The Redster S9 (S for Slalom) is among the best in short slope ski for its sensational carving and stability qualities. The Redster S9 stands out from the competition by its ability to suit a large number of skiers because it is both efficient but also maneuverable and light.

The Redster S9 is a lively, fast and ultra-efficient ski that absorbs uneven terrain and vibrations. 

One of the latest race innovationsin fact, Redster Revoshock, turns unwanted shocks into confidence-building stability and unparalleled acceleration. Perfect for slalom racing and short turns when piste skiing. The Redster S9 also picks up the updated Ultra Titanium Powered laminate – a double-bonded layer that runs from sidewall to sidewall for stability, torsional rigidity, and most importantly – edge grip.



  • Adult SL Race Skis
  • Revoshock
  • Ultrawall
  • Power Wood Core
  • Titanium Powered
  • Structured Top Sheet
  • World Cup Base Finish
  • Active Camber



Utilizing a series of spring steel modules, each encased in impact-absorbing elastomer, Atomic's revolutionary new Revoshock technology acts as a built-in suspension system for your skis to block distracting shocks before they reach your feet. So whether you're straight-lining groomers or making fast turns at your limit, the race-proven Redster Revoshock provides a smoother, more precise run — freeing you up to concentrate on your skiing in total confidence.

Revoshock doesn't just absorb impacts — it rebounds them. From your ski tip to the binding plate, each spring steel module works in harmony to turn wasted energy into valuable acceleration out of the turn. And because a vibration-free ski leads to a more confident skier, you'll find yourself pushing harder and faster than ever before.

Atomic Redster S9 Revo

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